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Support the Food for Life project.

Our Food for Life team is entirely volunteer-based, no one gets paid anything at all. We depend mainly on the kind and generous donations to be able to keep purchasing the ingredients for cooking our meals.

In particular, we especially rely on funds coming from those that live abroad. With the struggling economy here in Lebanon and the heavily devalued local currency, foreign funds allow us to do so much more.

It’s only through your kind donations that will not only be able to keep going with our service but keep growing too! 

For donors from Russia SBERBANK card: 4276 5500 7248 9118 Voronina Evgeniya

Donate through PayPal (please mention FFL in comments)

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Or you can become our monthly supporter through

If you wish to make a one-time donation there, simply chose any membership and specify any amount. After you are done with a donation, go to Manage membership —> Cancel membership, and you all set.

If you have any question please contact:

Thank you!