Food for Life

After the economic collapse in Lebanon and the devastating blast on August 2020, to address the food shortages and help people who are desperately in need, the Bhakti Yoga community in Lebanon started the Food for Life program. We prepare hot ready-to-eat meals in aluminum foil containers, as well as sandwiches and fruits, four times a week (and aiming for more!) With the help and guidance of local individuals and organizations, our members deliver it to those people and families who are really in need, as many of them lost everything. For those people without shelter or any means to live, this is live-saving. It’s a collective labor of love.

Kindly consider if you can help us to continue our service by donating to ensure that this distribution will remain a long term project.

To make a donation please click on the link below:


We greatly apprecite any help you can give.

Thank you!