The Mahabharata storytelling with Tulsi

The Mahabharata is famous throughout India as a great epic masterpiece. It not only entices listeners with its weaving storyline but showcases the glories of the ancient Vedic civilization with its deep and rich culture. Hearing the story is more than entertainment, it’s a lesson in perseverance, strength through challenges, leadership, integrity, personal relationships, and so much more.

In these storytelling sessions, we are slowly narrating through the main storyline of the entire Mahabharata. As we dive into the ancient city of Hastinapur with all its intrigues, we also explore some of the take-home life lessons. 

  • When: every Thursday at 7 pm
  • Where: online via Zoom
  • Cost: free

What to expect:

  • Each class begins with a quick recap of the previous week
  • You are welcome and even encouraged to ask any questions as we go through the story
  • We often review the names of the characters and their relationships to ensure everyone can follow the story

What do you need:

  • Good internet connection
  • Some background knowledge of the story can be helpful but is not necessary
  • Optional: a nice cup of herbal tea to set the storytime mood ; )