Bhagavad-gita with Prema Dhana

The Bhagavad Gita is often seen as a guidebook for those on a spiritual path. However, it’s wisdom can equally be applied across various aspects of our daily lives. How to face challenges, develop discipline, change our perspectives, and accommodate change are just a few examples of what you can gain. Navigate your way through this timeless classic under the guidance of Prema Dhan as he presents modernized and practical lessons through a systematic study of the verses.

What to expect:

  • To set the mood, sessions begin with a short kirtan (musical meditation) 
  • We read a verse and it’s translation together
  • We discuss the modern-day application and meanings of the verse
  • We welcome and encourage questions or comments at any time
  • If the class in the center – a small snack at the end

What you need:

  • Internet connection if the class is online
  • No previous knowledge of Sanskrit, or Vedic philosophy required
  • Curious and inquisitive mind