Saturday Kirtan meditation and Feast

Temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19! Every Saturday we gather together at the center to recharge with uplifting kirtan chants. As a group, we chant sacred mantras together in a call and response style with enlivening instruments to accompany our voices. Release any stresses, clear your mind and rejuvenate your being. No musical skills needed, only enthusiasm and sincerity.

The evening ends with a vegan/vegetarian feast, all home cooked with love and devotion.

Please bring your friends and family, we’re waiting for you!

What to expect:

  • We start at 7, but you can drop in any time
  • We sit and chant together, usually in a circle
  • Different musicians lead the chanting
  • You’re free to listen, sing, meditate, clap, dance or just be there
  • Sometimes we share special meditations to get more absorbed
  • In the end, we sit around dinner, feasting and sharing the good vibes

What do you need:

  • For kirtan: a sincere and open heart,
  • For dinner: an empty belly